Tuesday, April 27, 2010

宫保鸡丁 Kung Po Chicken

Kung Po Chicken

A simple day-to-day dish worths giving a go at if you are dreading to find a recipe for dinner tonight. Mint leaves adds another touch of flavour to the dish without compromising the spiciness of this dish.


Ingredients (A) (to marinate chicken):

Oyster sauce
ABC sauce (sweet soy sauce)
Meat tenderiser
Chilli flake

Other ingredients:

5 chicken thigh fillets (approx. 500g)
1 red capsicum
1 brown onion
A handful of cashew nuts
Mint leaves
Kung Po sauce
XO sauce


1. Cut chicken thigh into pieces. Marinate chicken with ingredients (A). Leave to marinate for at least 1 hour. Meanwhile, chop red capsicum and onion coarsely.
2. Prepare a hot wok with some oil. Brown onion, followed by red capsicum.
3. Add chicken pieces into wok. Continue to stir fry until nearly cooked.
4. Add Kung Po sauce and XO sauce. Continue to stir fry at high heat until chicken is cooked through.
5. Add cashew nuts and mint leaves.
6. Springkle pepper or more chilli flake for extra flavour.
7. Dish out just before serve.



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