Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Healthy Living

Please excuse me. I am trying to segregate my thoughts into sections to make it easier to report on.

Ceasing Antibiotic

I was fast asleep after a long day battling oesophagitis. Yes! I have had bouts of short-lived but constant throbbing pain on my chest. This is part of the side effects of the antibiotic I was prescribed. What's more, I almost always swallow this tablet with nurofen which has further aggravated the condition. I know I shouldn't have combined them into a single dosing regimen, but ever since the anasthetic effect went off, the soreness on my gum was just too unbearable. I can barely open my mouth! Well, after all these, I now learn to take clindamycin with a full glass of water whenever possible, or even better, have something to eat beforehand. Even so, the burning sensation was so intense that it eventually left me with no choice but to cease taking it immediately.


Despite antibiotic cessation, I am still progressing quite steadily. The bottom right cheek is about 80-90% recovered. My gum and teeth are starting to work more coherently lately. So, I can chew my food slightly. Big applause but I am still implementing a soft diet just in case the stitches fall apart again. I have also been alternating between rice porridge and broth for variations. And I never missed out having mashed banana every morning too!

Health issues

While wisdom teeth extraction has tormented me slightly, the many things that have been running through my mind lately mostly relate to someone else's health. Alex is one for sure. His back is playing up again. I am suspecting a coccyxdynia, but the doctor seems to think otherwise. We have done the lot to pinpoint the causes, nothing came out. Physio is still the best treatment to ease the ache by far. Recently, some members of my family have been diagnosed with gastric illnesses as well. Thanks goodness, we recently discovered the illnesses are still at a curable stage! Although worry, I sincerely hope for the very best for these people I care a lot and love.

Healthy Eating

All these health issues happened lately has somehow prompted me to find a solution to healthy living. Whilst we can't change the fact that our body wears off as we age, the only thing we can do to slow down the progression is to adopt a healthy eating habit! I have been telling everyone, this is where money should be invested on.

Instead of using a normal sea salt, I am now using Maldon which costs me several dollars more. Instead of using normal margarine, we now are using only Logicol (proclaimed in clinical studies to be able to lower LDL cholesterol). Other tips like replacing sugar with honey, including more Broccoli or greens in cooking, more antioxydant-based veges like garlic, tomato and onion, ultimately I believe will contribute to a significate improvement to our health. One of my colleague lose 18kg in barely 18 months from just having salad for lunch everyday! Amazing, huh? Speaking about that, I should be more discipline over myself too! I must make a serous attempt to cut down saturated fats loaded junk food too.


I know I am being long-winded. But, exercise is substantial. A mere 10 minutes brisk walking daily adds up to make a huge difference to your health. Silly as it may sound, sometimes Alex and I even do push up or sit up on the bed just before retiring. And we are doing this more often lately as the weather turns cold.

Stress Management

My dermatitis and ulcer plummet when I melt down, which I hate to admit I am at the moment (after my recent teeth extraction). I felt so painfully disgusted as I took a closer look at myself in the mirror. The green bruises on my chin is not much of worry. The swollen cheek is what that annoys me most. Not until my family rang to inform me about their illnesses, I started to tell them to relax and stay stress-free, then I realised I haven't been doing it myself. How embarrassed! Staying stress-free is the key to health success. I wish I could have hander it a bit better.


Work has been good although I barely talk. Some staff have been warm to my return. I feel touched sometimes when they do it. Patient counselling is by far the toughest job I encounter at the moment.


Not much I can do with our current conditions. Alex hardly sit in the car or couch. His back aches when he sits, relieved when he stands. In fact, we spent a lot of time sleeping. When we are not asleep, we play some old SimCity2000 games, some shooting games on PS3 or watch some funny cartoon on DVDs. We have to leave cruising and extreme activities till we are fully recovered!

What is on my mind RIGHT NOW?

I feel like having roast chicken.

I don't know why. I suppose craving comes whenever it wants to.

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Dad said...

Take care Lenglui & Alex too.We have been chating with Aus Aunty on skype daily,just to
cheer her up.

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